On Paris and our own personal Stockholm syndromes

The Stockholm Syndrome.

Today the ‘hostage’ theme is on our collective mind. I remember, moments before the news dripped in about the Paris violence(*), I laughed with a joke: ‘You can’t force anyone to love you, but you can lock them up in the basement and hope they develop the Stockholm syndrome’. ūüėÄ Good one, huh! That syndrome happens when you are taken hostage and, slightly alienated, end up loving the one who has control over your life. Ever since, I can’t stop thinking about how, maybe, we are all the hostage of something, or somebody. Don’t we all suffer from Stockholm as soon as we give up our minds, our freedom, our lives, our love, to an ideology, a religion, a nation or even a family – or any form of control, blackmail, pressure…? And could this spiritual un-freedom be at the root of all violence, xenophobia, gossip and lies, manipulation, exclusion, racism and hatred between people – individuals, groups and nations?

I think 2015 is the perfect time to free ourselves from our own personal Stockholm Syndromes.


(*) on 7 January 2015, an attack took place at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a Paris based satirical magazine, killing 12 people.

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