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This is a friendly, radical, peace and art loving, thought-provoking blog in English, French and Dutch, linked to a Facebook Page with the same name. Sometimes, Brussels plays a role in what I write, and I hope the subjects are more often universal.

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  1. Mermie says:

    I love Brussels and a apple who lives there.


  2. Nathalie says:


    I’ve been passing through your blog and read some of your “impressions and reflexion”. I see that you enjoy the city with curiousity and your own filter. I would like to understand your underlying approach: Brussel’s the Capital of Europe: a different story…
    Have you been disappointed when you arrived in Brussels …Did you have a particular European myth?

    I would like also to evelop my own website but with other kind of focus…I anyway congratulate you for the time and thoughts you invest in it.



    • Hello Nathalie,

      Thank you for your reaction.

      I am not an expat, I grew up here. I have seen Brussels change. I have seen my street change this last year. I have seen the faces of people change. Maybe this blog tries to be a barometer of the shifts I perceive in my real life environment.

      Even though only by the end of 2010 I became aware that there was such a thing as “2010 European year for Combatting Poverty and Exclusion” (sic!) and of the growing number of homeless people in the streets of the EU capital, I do not want this to be a political blog.

      We all know that Brussels has about 1.800 homeless people, 26% of the population is poor and that in all of the EU, there are 84 MILLION poor people.

      I wish to do something with the stuff that keeps amazing me, because I hope I never get used to it. That is why I am glad you think I might be a disappointed expat with a European disillusion! I live here, and I used to adore this place. Now I try to do something with it. Call it a ‘commitment’.

      The most wonderful thing that started thanks to this blog up to now, is the creation of a group of women with a plan: Sortir 40 personnes de la rue. We wish to help 40 homeless people, more precisely among the ones who are surviving near the once so prestigious Bourse and Boulevard Anspach in getting the attention they need. This human and civil initiative was born thanks to articles on this blog.

      I look forward to seeing your blog.




  3. Solange says:

    Bonjour Marlène,
    Ce matin je pensais qu’il y avait la collecte? J’ai deux livres ,je sais c’est pas grand chose mais je pense qu’ils pourront peut-être donner un peu d’espoir et de rêve auquel se raccrocher….
    Je ne t’ai plus vue sur f.b,stp contacte moi par tel.ou e.mail!


    • Chère Solange,

      Merci pour le message! Oui, ma page est désactivée pour le weekend: trop de distractions !
      La collecte, c’est le dimanche 30 janvier à 16h, Place Stéphanie. Je t’ai envoyé un mail.

      Bonne journée ensoleillée



  4. Ludy says:

    Ahh… Quel site! Je ne m’attendais pas à moins que cela quand on en a parlé hier.
    Ravie 1000 fois d’avoir fait ta connaissance, je sens qu’on va pouvoir faire de grandes choses même si “petites”…on se comprend!
    J’ai, moi aussi, pas mal de livres, je te les garde mais je ferai un tri parce qu’il y a pas mal de romans “mémés” là dedans 🙂
    A très vite!! bisous


  5. Altenloh Frank says:



  6. WM says:

    I want to say that I am deeply impressed with your mission. I have never been to Brussels but I can describe the indifference as a universal experience. And solidarity, too.

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  7. WM says:

    Yes, I am from Poland. The spirit of solidarity is always active here. Hearty greeting from my green country.

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    • I am so glad about that… my last two articles are about Lady Gaga, but also about her form of solidarity with people being harassed because of being different.. and because suffering is not always visible… Hope you are doing well there in Poland. Many people from Poland here in Brussels!


  8. WM says:

    Suffering is often unvisible but we ought to show empathy for human beings problems. There is a lot of empathetic people here. And I hope that our people in Brussels will not bring shame to country!

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    • No need for shame! Polish people here are mostly known for being hard working, like in VERY hard working. And did I tell you I feel very honored for receiving such nice encouragement all the way from Poland?


  9. WM says:

    It was really nice to talk to you about solidarity and empathy. And what about Belgian literature? (I am deeply interested in it). What is your favourite book? Who is your favourite author?

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    • Hello WM.. I know your blog is mostly literature… and I love to read too. But even though I live in Belgium, I mostly read English (UK, USA..) authors. Just because I like to practice my English and my son is a part time English Librarian ;-))


  10. What a fascinating blog! Thanks for stopping by and creating a gateway for me to find you – this is great!!

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  11. Hello, I an very interested in your approach and intention to fight homelessness. It is a very sad indictment of a society as are many other things like poor health care, infant mortality rates, discrimination.I will return and I thank you for visiting my site. I also LOOOVE French but only have school girl French so I hope to try to improve my French reading some of your French posts…..I’m so impressed by you being trilingual. I’ve not been to Brussels but I understand it to be a beautiful city….indifference aside. Kind regards Leanne


    • brusselsislove says:

      bonjour, Leanne! Thank you for your great post. Fighting homelessness is a bit too big a goal. See my post about “Why nothing works”… I think that just being there is already a lot! Do you have many homeless people too, where you live? I will check out your blog again now… Just try to be lingual and it’ll work. And come to Brussels at least once, let me know if you do! 🙂


  12. John Eden says:

    Very cool! Loving it here…

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  13. Michelle says:

    Hi Marlene thank you for the follow! I love your blog and the subject. I bet you love walking everywhere I was thinking how much exercise I would get if I lived closer to work and walked everyday! I love your heart for the homeless and how you developed your blog idea! Have a super day! You little reply icon looks like pizza which made me hungry! YUM!

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  14. icelandpenny says:

    Thank you so much for choosing to follow my blog. Je vous trouve, comme l’orientation de votre blog, tres sympathique.


  15. clafaes says:

    Just saying THANK YOU! I adore your blog. I’m a fanatic of languages and everything related to Brussels. Greetings and congratulations from Spain!


  16. Elina says:

    Hello Marlene! Thank you so much for following my blog, I appreciate it a lot 🙂 Nice to read about you, I also like walking a lot 🙂 Your blog looks great, I will come back to have a better look around 🙂


  17. vsperry says:

    Thanks for liking my latest post. I was in Bruges last year but missed Brussels (we had a short time frame and my friend wanted to drink…BEER!) I really like your blog.


  18. Julien Bernard says:


    J’aimerais vous parler d’un projet concernant 1000Bxl, auriez-vous une adresse email sur laquelle vous contacter?

    Merci, à bientôt



  19. Merci Marlène pour ce blog décapant et rafraîchissant.
    Merci pour ce regard émerveillé et sans complaisance, ni tabous.
    Et puis, quelle plume ! dans toutes les langues.

    Ce que tu nous offres, c’est sans doute ce que j’aurais toujours voulu produire.
    Je suis donc à la fois subjugué et jaloux.
    Mon petit blog “bruxselsfuture” en construction n’arrive pas à ta cheville.
    Aussi centré sur Bruxsel, il se contente de fouiller la presse, assez avare sur notre ville, et de publier des extraits avec mes petits commentaires didactiques.

    Merci pour tout.
    Je ne manquerai pas de citer ton blog et de faire référence à certains de tes posts.
    Avec toi on ne risque pas de mourir idiot.

    Yvan Vandenbergh

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  20. A Brussels Shakaijin says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your blog already 😉

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  21. I’m visiting today to say Welcome and Thanks for following my blog! I appreciate all feedback and any ideas – Greg

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  22. petrel41 says:

    Congratulations, Marlene!

    I have nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award.

    More about this nomination is at


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