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On Paris and our own personal Stockholm syndromes

The Stockholm Syndrome. Today the ‘hostage’ theme is on our collective mind. I remember, moments before the news dripped in about the Paris violence(*), I laughed with a joke: ‘You can’t force anyone to love you, but you can lock … Continue reading

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Jagdeep Kaur Khurana (18): nous n’avons pas quitté l’Afghanistan pour faire du tourisme

Venue d’Afghanistan avec ses parents et sa soeur il  y a 5 ans, Jagdeep (18 ans) a passé son CEB (diplôme d’enseignement primaire) en une année et d’un coup. Maintenant, elle suit l’enseignement général secondaire et elle veut devenir cardiologue … Continue reading

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Harbans Kaur & Gurmeet Singh: ‘Life in Belgium is great, but not without papers’

Harbans Kaur (25) and Gurmeet Singh Gulati (29) with their daughter (4) (article en français ici ) We have been living in Belgium for 4 years and 4 months now. Our daughter is 4 years old, and Harbans Kaur is … Continue reading

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Liever dood dan terug naar Afghanistan! — Param Singh Kapoor (18)

Param Singh (18): Mijn eerste droom was voetballer worden. Als ik papieren had gekregen, dan zat ik nu vast bij een goeie ploeg. Maar nu ben ik mijn papieren kwijt, en daarmee ook mijn dromen. En zo is mijn leven … Continue reading

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Kultar Singh – ‘As if somebody locked me up’

Article en français : cliquez ici Hey Belgium. Kultar Singh is getting tired. We can not let that happen. Three years in Belgium, and before that he got death treats in Afghanistan, fled to Dubai, lost job and papers there, … Continue reading

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When a man with power becomes a hunter of women

Article en français ici Artikel in het Nederlands hier Beware: sensitive subject. But also very ordinary and vulgar. Not long ago, I got contacted by a man whom one can consider a public figure, and who therefore has a certain … Continue reading

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