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“No, he’s not my friend!” (trigger warning: rape, sexual assault)

I was sixteen. On holidays with my parents in a country I couldn’t understand the language of. My best friend, I’ll call him Eddy, came with us. We got permission to attend a rock festival in the area. Eddy was tall … Continue reading

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Never, EVER pity a narcissist

Originally posted on Love—Life—OM:
Understanding that narcissists are driven by shame caused by abandonment doesn’t mean we should pity them. Individuals with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) behave as they do as a result of the trauma of abandonment…

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Vegan in Brussels: the very subjective story of my dinner plate

And my dinner plate is not your controversy either First, let me get this straight: what you eat is an intimate story between yourself, your body and your conscience. Your stomach is not my controversy. I am not seeking to … Continue reading

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Ma vie, est-elle mauvaise pour mon CV?

Quand l’emploi ne vient pas, il faut créer un vrai travail. Ou la chance immense de la liberté de choix. Article in English here Je vis à Bruxelles, en Belgique. Ici, il n’y a pas de green smoothies et pas … Continue reading

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Is my life bad for my Curriculum Vitae ?

Or does my CV make my butt look fat? Article en français ici I live in Brussels, Belgium. A city that does not sell green smoothies and has zero vegan restaurants. New stuff that is old somewhere else, somehow doesn’t … Continue reading

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On Paris and our own personal Stockholm syndromes

The Stockholm Syndrome. Today the ‘hostage’ theme is on our collective mind. I remember, moments before the news dripped in about the Paris violence(*), I laughed with a joke: ‘You can’t force anyone to love you, but you can lock … Continue reading

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Why a burnout is a blessing (adrenal fatigue and stuff)

So let me tell you about MY burnout. I just had my second one. Yes, I have been there before : I was 25 and suddenly found myself on my own, with a child of barely 2 years old, working … Continue reading

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Gaga et sa lutte politique : “Un peu de compassion, bordel!” Continue reading

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I went to a Byron Katie workshop in Amsterdam (is that true?)

My vacations are short and intense. Sometimes, they last about a day. But boy, what a day! I got up at 5AM, left the house at 6 and took a bus from Brussels to Amsterdam. There, at the Westerkerk (the … Continue reading

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12 radical self-care tips and more : let your hair hang down !

Hair – that organ we know so little of and treat so thanklessly… (you can scroll down to the 12 tips and 13 facts  if you are in a hurry – I know our society loves it when people hurry … Continue reading

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