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On Paris and our own personal Stockholm syndromes

The Stockholm Syndrome. Today the ‘hostage’ theme is on our collective mind. I remember, moments before the news dripped in about the Paris violence(*), I laughed with a joke: ‘You can’t force anyone to love you, but you can lock … Continue reading

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I went to a Byron Katie workshop in Amsterdam (is that true?)

My vacations are short and intense. Sometimes, they last about a day. But boy, what a day! I got up at 5AM, left the house at 6 and took a bus from Brussels to Amsterdam. There, at the Westerkerk (the … Continue reading

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Kultar Singh – ‘As if somebody locked me up’

Article en français : cliquez ici Hey Belgium. Kultar Singh is getting tired. We can not let that happen. Three years in Belgium, and before that he got death treats in Afghanistan, fled to Dubai, lost job and papers there, … Continue reading

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Sikhs from Afghanistan in a church in Europe’s capital city (video)

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‘What’s the story behind your t-shirt?’: summer project (on Facebook)

When summer is in the city, many people wear t-shirts. They express themselves, not only on walls and canvases, but also in what they wear. The other day, I came across a young man with a shirt that said ‘PUGS, … Continue reading

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Vipassana: impressions of a 10 day silent retreat (with video)

I had been wanting to do a Vipassana silent retreat for over 12 years, but I kept chickening out: “Ten days without speaking or even writing? Ten days, with 10 hours of meditation each day? Ten days without phone, books, … Continue reading

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A spiritually homeless lunch in Brussels

Cliquez ici pour la version française Yesterday, I offered lunch to a young and desperate man. He looked homeless. It wasn’t necessarily in his clothes, but he had that look in his eyes and that powerless frustration in his voice. … Continue reading

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Concert: Archive – 13 November 2012 – Brussels

With Us Until You’re Dead Tour: a tiny little article about another huge experience (This is not a concert review!) Archive knows that the real music is in the silence between the notes. Anybody who ever seriously listened to Archive … Continue reading

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When a man with power becomes a hunter of women

Article en français ici Artikel in het Nederlands hier Beware: sensitive subject. But also very ordinary and vulgar. Not long ago, I got contacted by a man whom one can consider a public figure, and who therefore has a certain … Continue reading

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Helping the homeless: why nothing works (and yet everything helps)

(traduction française) No, this is not just a rant! After a seven month sacred fire, giving all my free time to the homeless people of Brussels, I had a little burnout. It was getting hard for me to see those … Continue reading

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